Welcome to ClimbProvence


With classic venues such as Chateauvert, Sainte Victoire, Buoux the Verdon and the Calanques it is little wonder that the Provence area of southern France is known as a climbing paradise.


ClimbProvence is an association of English speaking rock climbing Guides that is dedicated to ensuring that visiting English speaking climbers makes the most of their visit to the area.

"Climbing in the Calanques was a great introduction to climbing outdoors...

...I'd do it again!"

M Bamber, Bristol, UK

What We Do

You all climb for different reasons: the thrill; to travel; to push yourselves; for fitness; and for friendship. By preparing bespoke climbing experiences, our English speaking rock climbing Guides and Coaches will ensure that you make the most of your climbing trip to Provence.

We can arrange a rock climbing Coach to analyse and improve your climbing technique, a climbing course to meet your needs or a Guide to take you safely up your dream route. We can even arrange a fully guided rock-&-road trip; the ultimate French climbing experience!